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Originally Posted by kotaclem View Post
Does any one have a way to go after fall Turkeys. What calls to use. Need help Thanks Kotaclem
A lot of factors depend on the situation, if you want to shoot a hen you find them, break up the flock and try, and call em back in.

Also, it helps if you know where they are.. pretty much know where they're feeding. Look for grape vines!

But as to the approach of hunting them, I hunted them like I do in the Spring.. I get in the woods at dark, and just sat and listened.. bout 15 minutes after daylight I could hear some hens yelping and a gobbler left one go.

As for calling.. to sound like a gobbler use longer yelps.. and sometimes I gobble at them.. (To make them think I wanna fight).. sounds dumb but it's worked, lol.

And for hens learn to Kee Kee!
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