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Default Fall turkey down

I went out this afternoon for a quick turkey hunt. I planned on walking the farm hoping to spot the birds before they spot me and then sneak up for a shot. As I reached the farm and began my walk it started raining which is a good thing (makes sneaking up on birds easier)....I walked for about 30 minutes before coming across these birds...
My first 20 minutes or so was walking the corn edge around the farm.... Didn't see anything so decided to walk in the bush and check out the cut bean field on the other side. As I reached the edge (20yds) from the bean field (while still in the bush) I hear the turkeys talking to each other. I sneak in and from about 5 yds in the bush looking out into the bean field I pick the biggest bird I can see. I line it up and take the shot... Fall turkey season comes to a close, now on to bigger things

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