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Default My Tenn. opening morning

I went to a spot where I had heard them in the past on my lease and they where there a lot closer than I thought. I sat down ad waited till shooting time, then called with a fly down call at least that is what I have been told it was. When I did the hens started talking up so I sat still in a few minuets the hens showed up can't shoot them so waited then the big tom came in. He was in a dry creek bed not more than 15 yards when he popped his head up. I shot down he went. Got up and went to him he was on the ground and very still. I picked him up and that is when he came alive, some how he got around and put a spur in my hand. I somehow got twisted around and to this day I don't know how put I fell setting down and he was under me with his head sticking out one end and I had him pinned good. Some what mad and hand bleeding real good I just picked up a rock out of the creek bed and took care of him. By the way I had only been hunting that morning till I had him was only about 15 minuets, the hunt was over till the next day. 10 inch beard and 1 inch spurs.
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