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Default No goose but got a coyote

I went out for early geese and took my .223 along just encase I came across a coyote. After getting all my decoys setup and as first light came and went, nothing was flying. I honked and honked but did not see or hear anything until about 6:50 am.... I look down the hay field and up against the corn I see a couple of coyotes playing around. I slip back and go grab my .223 and mouth distress calls; I slowly make my way back, get into position and scream out with some dying rabbit sounds. Coyotes look at me but aren't coming closer staying a good 350 yds or more away. After about 10 minutes of this, I decide to back out and make my way (hidden by a treeline) to the corn. I step into the 3rd row of corn and sneak my way up toward the coyotes. As I near the last known area, I see a set of ears in the hay. This coyote is laying down/hiding in the hay. I don't see the other one so decide to concentrate on this one. Sneaking in between the 1st and 2nd corn row, I setup my shooting sticks, rest my rifle on it and get ready. I let out a "HEY" he looks my way but doesn't stand, I had to yell out a couple more times before he finally stands exposing his vitals. At the crack of the gunshot he falls. Not a big coyote, this years pup but a coyote nevertheless. Stayed for another hour and still no geese anywhere to be seen....

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