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Default Double Dog Dare You

I couldn't make it Wed. night because of Church services so my hunting buddy had to go it alone. They sounded off as soon as he started the stand. He picked up this double almost an hour apart. Patience paid off for him. We had heard these coyotes last week but they were too far away for them to make the journey. First coyote is a big female. These cornfields are getting really grown up, and it is hard seeing coyotes in them now.

IMG950062 by Double Up, on Flickr

Second coyote was also a female.

IMG950067 by Double Up, on Flickr

Here's the video from his Pulsar Trail XQ50

We had planned to go together last night, but he had a job that he had to finish up, so I had to go solo. I called in a coyote, another big female, and made a pretty long shot before she could get into my downwind.

We had seen a couple of coyotes in this field two weeks back, but they got away from us that night. It was nice to put the Parvo back in action. I've been tinkering with another AR and killed some coyotes with it, but I've missed a pair as well over the past couple of weeks so I decided it was time to quit fooling around and get serious. The Parvo is bad medicine for coyotes.

IMG_0526 by Double Up, on Flickr

Here is the video of my kill tonight.
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