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Remember that the 204 is designed to be a small rocket with laser trajectory to make red mist out of little varmints with a 32gr pill......heavier bullets in most factory barrels won't stabilize as well and take away accuracy/speed/trajectory...

....that said, play with slowing down the heavier bullets (35/39/40). I've had good success slowing down the 40gr Vmax.....BUT, you lose the trajectory and range.

The 204 to me, is a "cover the bases" type round in predator hunting. I switched to it for fox recently (from 17Hornet) in case a yote strolls into the call.

If I'm hunting strictly Yotes the 204 stays home and the 243 gets the nod.

If I'm strictly hunting fox where there is not likely a chance of Yotes coming in the 17Hornet may get some love....
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