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Default Foxjack2 review

First off (disclaimer) - This review is not a paid endorsement or advertisement from or for any company, nor have I any affiliation with any of the companies of the topic product(s) or any other product(s) shown, or have interests in their competitors if an unfavorable review Ė just my opinion - for what that is worth.

I had picked up a Foxpro Foxjack2 decoy to mate up with my Foxpro Wildfire2, not only due to the amazing footage out there of critters actually mauling the decoy, but as a convenience as to having a separate decoy.

Iíve used the Mojo critter, and Primos Sit and Spin with great results, but it also means more batteries and things to pack out. The Foxjack2 is really compact and quiet, installs within minutes, and uses the battery power source already being used by the caller Ė less batteries to mess with. The woodpeckerish topper can be removed and a few strips of fur, fluff, or feathers can be affixed to the shaft instead if one wishes to do so. The shaft is of a similar design to that of the Mojo critter or Primos Sit and Spin, and creates the same type of motion.

Again, installation is super simple, I had to remove and not use the battery holder that came with the call, just had to install the 4 AA batteries in the Foxjack2, reconnect the callerís battery connector to the FJ2, and install the FJ2 like the battery compartment cover with the call. Actually, I prefer the latching mechanism on the FJ2, no need for the use of a butterknife or other prying tool to open it like the battery cover of the caller. Plug the cord into the AUX jack and you are ready to go! The shaft goes into the magnetic socket shown above, and is protected from debris by a plastic dust cover that snaps into place, as shown below.

The shaft itself is replaceable if it gets damaged; an Allen type set screw keeps it in place. There is a LED light that illuminates the erratic and hypnotic motion of the topper above it. At first I thought that a collar around the LED or having the LED recessed may have been a better design so light is directed above and not cast elsewhere on the call, however for as much as the topper dances around, the wider beam illuminates the action wholly at night. Though a predatorís prey rarely glows in the dark, no doubt this lighted feature immediately grabs the attention - it REALLY attracts the eye at night. I may even try putting a small piece of color Saran wrap over the light just to dull it down a tad.

The light can be also be turned OFF and not used via a small switch on the side. Make sure to shut the FJ2 completely off with the same switch if not using the decoy.

The decoy can be activated via the handheld remote. One thing that seems odd is that it appears once the FJ2 is attached to the caller, the range of which the caller can be used is reduced, especially when pointed to the left (the decoy motor toward the user). I donít know if the decoy motor blocks or interferes with the callerís amtenna Ė without the FJ2, Iíve put it out to 225Y with no issues. With the FJ2 attached, I could only fully opereate the caller within 70 yards, and while facing the caller to the right, about 150 yards. I donít now if this is isolated to my unit, or is a common place thing. Battery power consumption appeared to be negligible or not noticeable at all though I have to believe more power has to be consumed to power the motor and/or light. When in motion, the decoy is rather silent, when semi close I could hear the flapping sound of the topper, which IMO add more real life sound to something that appears to be a bird struggling.

As far as storage goes, the FJ2 fits nicely within my hunting pack while attached to the caller, without having to fish around for extra stuff used for a seperated decoy. It does add a little over 2 lbs of weight, but is also lighter than the Mojo and Primos decoys, actually reducing a little weight in my pack. When back at home, it actually stores well within the Wildfire2ís packaging, keeping everything together in one small box.

Iím VERY satisfied and impressed with the quality, adaptability, portability, and design of the Foxjack2 and the ease of operation both day and night from the same remote that controls the caller. I would probably would like to have seen a longer warranty (like 1 year), but it does come with a 90 day one. My only concern was that how much the distance of the callerís operation is reduced when the decoy is attached.

Hats off to Foxpro for having just about everything being able to be replaced if damaged and for building in the ability to be used and seen at night too. Itís a pretty well thought design, and a great additional tool to have in the box to lure in wary predators, or to at least to keep their attention away from you while you get set to take the shot.
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