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Andrew Lewand 03-09-2020 03:20 PM

Cool color phase coyotes from weekend

I got two nice coyotes this weekend. The small dark female is way better than in the pic .. I’m mounting her... by that I mean, she’s going to a taxidermist. She weighed a mere 22 pounds

The larger male weighed 37.4 pounds. It rolled in burdocks after the shot to the head. Unbelievably, it required a follow up shot to put it down

Here’s the video. Yellow dog not represented because the video was WAY out of focus

Possumal 03-09-2020 05:54 PM

The little female was trying hard to be black, pretty coloring. The male is getting pretty close to a Montana pale. Both nice, kudos to Andrew.

Andrew Lewand 03-10-2020 11:26 AM

Al, she is real dark. The flash washed it out. I’m getting it mounted so I’ll post later

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