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psycho 10-24-2018 04:35 PM

Another Illinois whitetail down
This year I have tried to accommodate some local hunters that are either brand new or have only been hunting a year or two. One of my coworkers, Nate Sellers has been hunting for two or theee years and he wanted to harvest a deer for meat. I told him I could call in a deer for him with the Buck Pro. Well as luck would have it or maybe not have it, I was able to call in around 8 deer. None of them ever stepped into range and just stayed out a little bit. I think he was surprised when two of the does, mommas, came running to the call and looking. When they saw us in the tree they couldnít make their mind up whether to keep coming or to turn around. Well, unfortunately they were smart enough to know that two of us looking like bears in a tree wasnít quite normal. I told him to relax heíd get another chance. I told him that itís been my experience that they will bed the babies and come back sometimes within minutes and sometimes within hours. Having no idea when they or if they would actually show up again we patiently waited. Low and behold I looked to the righ down wind of us and I told him to get up. I told him a deer was coming. As the deer ate it looked up around the corner as if it was looking for where the sound had come from. She made the mistake of stepping broadside within 40 yards and Nate was able to make the shot. Itís hard to get people to trust you when you are passionate about something and sometimes it takes seeing it for themselves. Most of my deer have all been harvested with the FX3, FX5 and Fusion, well now they are dropping with the Buck Pro!!! Again, just when you think the staff at Fox Pro canít possibly make things better, they drop another great product on you!!! Cheers to the brilllance in everyone that makes Fox Pro such a great product!!
Congrats Nate Sellers!!!

Weasel 10-25-2018 01:11 PM

YAY! Another hunter convinced. Perhaps Nate will get his own Buck Pro and introduce another hunter to calling deer?

psycho 11-20-2018 01:24 PM

I’m sure he will. I know 5 more guys from my area that have just bought BuckPros and Fusions. Hunters are getting smarter every day! I called in a 150 inch 10 Sunday but let it walk to my son and my dad. Unfortunately, they were winded so none of us killed him. I called him in broadside to 36 yards. I have bigger running around and was hoping another one was behind him. It was hard to pass him but it will pay of.

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