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blueheckle 01-28-2018 09:07 AM

Foxgrip 2
Hi guys just got a new Foxgrip 2 Yday from Bushwear UK went through all the steps but it wont pair with my Fusion TX1000 remote any ideas most welcome ps updated remote firmware on remote to 1.51 thanks

blueheckle 01-31-2018 07:03 AM

Guys Bushwear UK have sent me another Foxgrip 2 in case the other was faulty and this is the same will not pair with my TX 1000 on the latest firmware anyone please thanks

Weasel 01-31-2018 04:03 PM

Call FoxPro. Don't bother with email.

NightFisher 02-06-2018 05:48 PM

As I remember the battery in the FoxGrip 2 came with a protector on it to keep it from discharging prior to sale. Did you pull that out?

blueheckle 02-27-2018 12:49 PM

I changed the battery just in case and never seen any protector , according to Foxpro there are two types of units one for the export market and one for USA etc so they have asked for a pic of the T1000 start up to see what I have so fingers crossed

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