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ratmussell 02-10-2013 12:12 AM

Bad coyote hunting weather?
A friend and I went out today and went we left the house the weather was great. When we arrived the winds picked up probably 15-20mph. We didn't call anything in. This is a place where I have had success and know coyotes are there! Do you think they could not hear the call? Maybe they just bed down like elk. Do you deal with high winds or do you go home? What is "Bad coyote weather"?

howler2 02-10-2013 01:20 AM

I have never had any luck calling coyotes in on windy days so I to will be curiouse to see what some of the others say about this.

callin yotes 02-10-2013 08:19 AM

Normally we don't mess with it, if winds exceed 12-15mph. Never had much luck, but we have called a few in, so I guess it comes down to how much time you have and whether or not you want to fight the conditions. High winds, are not ideal.

JMAC 02-10-2013 09:02 AM

When the wind gets up like that we just go home.

GTOHunter 02-10-2013 02:18 PM

We've been out a lot Hunting...and when its windy or raining it seems the Coyotes hunker down and don't move as much or none at all! :(

I have had a little better luck if we are down in a low lying area where the wind isn't as bad and had a few moving then,some times we wait it out if we are already out in the woods hunting and hope the wind dies down closer to dark?

Now on a day like today...high winds,rainy and nasty...might as well stay home and watch Predator Hunting on the TV. :D :rolleyes:

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